Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black History Month Pt. I: Marita Golden does it again

Check out Marita Golden's compilation It's All Love is an ode to the heart, benefitting the Hurston-Wright (as in Zora and Richard; I was a presenter at the last gala at the National Press Club) Foundation. There's the black history tie. Marita needs no intro. She is one of our literary island treasurers in a sea of sludge. Aren't you glad I don't sugarcoat it? Ha!

My favorite stories in this volume (fiction and nonfiction): David Anthony Durham's, Felicia Pride's, William Henry Lewis's...poems by Kwame Anthony, Ethelbert Miller's. Not that everything in this book isn't great. A wonderful repose from the usually music video-paced collections out there (The Darker Mask excepting). And hey, if you're a white Obamaholic and need a nice safe means of parsing our take on the human heart, you can't go wrong with It's All Love.


Anonymous said...

Weren't they at Busboys & Poets in DC talking about this book?

Will look for it.

Pebbles Flintstone said...

Thank you for the post. I was looking for something like this for Valentine's Day reading but I suppose I shouldn't be so holiday-specific! (smile)

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend went over there to Busboys & Poets. Sounded like a good event. Will they be touring?