Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Hank Aaron was there (via video) heaping praise. Willie Mays was there. The fans went nuts. Celebrate!!! (see my post below).

Yet Bud Selig representing the utter hypocrisy of MLB as a corporate entity wasn't there. He looks like an idiot now. And those douchebag fans (most fat white guys) and wimps like Bob Costas--why the whining and acrimony? Oh so he's "cheated?" That's what you've allowed sports (not to mention politics, business, culture in general) to become, so shut the hell up. Where you guys in the late 90s? Ha! Enjoying the games like the rest of us. This is MLBs chickens come home to roost, in a Giants uniform, just like Bush chickens et al are roaming back to the coop and whining over that wafts to the rooftops on Fox News and the right wing blogs. All I can say is--prostrate yourself at Barry's feet, peckerwoods. The record is broken. Chicks dig the long ball (isn't that what your marketing departments came up with back in the day before the juicing went public?)!!!

Discussion, debate?


Anonymous said...

Think we're not partying in the Bay Area?

However, I don't give Barry much time on this earth. Here was a black man who literally "juiced" white corporate America and the white boy mythos that baseball entails--and spit it right back at them. They'll come looking for their pound of flesh very soon, bruh. In your vernacular, these folk tend to get angry when you "pull away the curtain" and see the fake wizard of Oz behind it. In that, he's sort of an O.J.-lite. LOL

Snowman said...

You'll get none from me, although the racial element was unnecessary. While I don't think anyone should be rewarded for this scandal, there is so much blame to go around that yes, Bud Selig should have been there. It is his job, and frankly his absence only pleased a strident few.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Barry did that casts doubt on his record, it still measures up relative to Aaron given that his opposing pitchers are bigger and stronger, throw harder, and he's hitting in bigger parks. Plus Ruth didn't have to hit against the best given that many of them were barred by racism from even playing.