Saturday, August 25, 2007

What would MLK want?

Interesting how the same people who were alive when he was, or who were too young yet brain-soaked with silly myths, have tried to de-humanize the guy as a means of neutralizing and santizing him. "De-humanize" as in try to make him a fairy tale, rather than own up to his real views--which they despised then and still do. (Note: I don't mean the other extreme--the hagiography usually hustled by Jesse or MLK's family et al--denying he slept around, or claiming ownership of his very public image). Indeed, we got a taste of the real MLK and how the "real" America felt about him when he was alive (other than murdering him). Two things happened: (1) LBJ turned his back on MLK (and thus didn't protect him from J Edgar Hoover, the dangerous transvestite) when MLK denounced the war in Vietnam, and (2) whites whom were either ambivalent or ignorant of his doings literally attacked and tried to kill him in suburban Chicago when he shined the light on de facto segregation, oppression and poverty above the Mason-Dixon Line.

Of course these same people or their grown kids now say MLK would have been against affirmative action and queer marriage, and for the war in Iraq and Gitmo prisons. Now I'd bet MLK would say "no comment" on gay marriage and nix Dubya on a whole lotta stuff. Safe to say he would vomit at the craveness of his kids and the professional martyrdom/queen-bee racket of saintly Coretta...but that's another story and don't hate me because ALL Y'ALL know I'm telling the truth about the family. But the monument, hmmmm, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want one, as Gandhi abhorred deification. Yet is pressed I'm also pretty sure he'd prefer a young African American artist. Would that mean he'd be a racist, anti-Asian? Against "everyone being equal," against a "colorblind" society hahaha.

Hell no. He'd be anti-craven corporations and anti-shuffling negroes captive to these corporations and anti-Chinese government which has grown rich by dealing with these greedy, cheap US corporations (and shuffling negroes). There, I said it. The Foundation developing this monument is beholden to Big (you name it: Pharma, Oil, Insurance, Telecom/Entertainment, Credit/Banking/Collections, Tobacco, Food...every Michael Moore obsession out there). A private enterprise, yet the monument's going on public land. He, despite the King family's horseshit and corporate money, belongs to the ages, the people. And specifically, OUR people. Hold that in mind as I tell you that the Chinese have been sniffing around the donors' box. This Foundation is a creature of its sponsors and sponsors, like our own govenment, is dependent on Chinese (you name it: credit, goods, labor costs, raw materials). Our government is paying for itself and Iraq floating on a sea of cheap Chinese money, cheap Chinese goods and toys are sold in monster Wal Marts and poisoning us and our kids. And how this escapes the right wing rabid white folks...well, see the money and greed part, but here's a fact: they are still a totalitarian nation, communist, anti-religion, anti-free speech, anti-free market, too! Anti-free market?! Chambers is you crazy, boy?! How? Well it is now proven that China has what's known as a robber baron, who-greazes-who economy. Think "Deadwood" on HBO, then think skyscrapers and bloated credit markets and trillions of dollars. It is polluting at a rate that would make Dick Cheney's pals (and gi-normous SUV mavens) blush! Yep, we are beholden to them.
The punchline: the Chinese are indeed ponying up to fill funding gaps in the project. Fanboys and girls--you know me. I try to debunk every ghetto urban legend and conspiracy theory out there (now including the "victimhood" of scumbag Michael Vick). But trust me when I tell you there is internal drama in this Foundation that all Americans, not just blackfolks, need to question. There was a quid pro quo. Look, this totalitarian government would not put up with some dissident sculptor (who is oblivious that he's being used) doing this statue where it not part of a gimme. In return for their largesse they good good PR, pre-Olympics, post destruction of our industrial base and old union jobs with which people of color used to build equity in America. For their part the negroes in the Foundation get to boast to the corporate sponsors and our debt-hungry government dependent on that cheap Chinese money that they met their funding goal and yeah, China is our friend. The black man's friend. A friend of simple justice. Hell not even our own government is a friend of simple justice.

So what would MLK say? Well, it would likely be similar to that Boondocks episode where he was actually in coma from the assassin's (assassins'?) bullet, not dead. He awakes, sees how his legacy has been used and misused and says "All you n***gahs are f**ked up. I'm moving to Canada." Sign the petition. Support the effort to get some transparency here. Sometimes "I have a dream" is just a rhetorical point to get us motivated, not some bizarre holy mantra. He'd say that, too. Oops. I guess I have to pay a royalty to the family and to whatever corporation they sub-licensed that phrase. Do y'all take Paypal?


Anonymous said...

That was one of the few truly funny and insightful episodes of Boondocks (the animated series which may or may not come back when Aaron gets his head together).

As for the blog post: preach, bruh, preach!
You're like our own Bill O'Reilley, which is both exciting and terrifying. (smile) Nevertheless the quid pro quo aspect has been alluded to by commentators and columnists many times but pretty much skipped by the media in-depth. Nice to see you put China in perspective for us again, though if there was no China there'd be no Ross or Marshall's and a lot of brothers and sisters would be stepping out to the club without their $10 lycra capris and $15 baggy black denims!

[Good luck in nailing down an artist for Gangsterland, by the way. I have some suggestions and can email you through your site; two dudes who have done illustrations for Villard, Vertigo and Desperado]

Lisa said...

I went to the Foundation website and they do indeed have impressive corporate donors. However I still think this needs a public airing.

Anonymous said...

I think the dissidents are going to send the petition to Congress and demand some kind of audit? Isn't that a little extreme?

Speaking of dissidents, I don't think this sculptor is a Chinese dissident. If he was, they would not have allowed him to compete for the prize.

Anonymous said...

The NAACP was vocal on their views about Michael Vick, but did I miss their comments on this issue? I guess this memorial isn't at important as the charges against Vick. They kill me.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is puzzling regarding the National Urban League and the NAACP (national office). Maybe they have the same sponsors as the foundation? I wouldn't be surprised if liquor distillers are among the donors to either. I think Chambers had a piece in a previous Post about "picking one's battles?" This would a good time to make mention of the fact that at the Maryland Institute of Art, the top three sculptors in the 2007 section of 22 were two African Americans and Afro-Cuban. Maybe they hadn't graduated in time for the award?

Anonymous said...

You must admit they have the best strategy for dealing with Islam. Stems from the Mongols, who did more to put a foot in Islam's ass than ANY competing civilization. Don't be a pussy--I've heard you say this before yourself!

I'm not going to play the affirmative action baiting game because I happen to agree with you that a black artist would have been a more savvy choice that no one would have groused about. Indeed I'm guessing of WE honkeys would have assumed it would have been a black artist, and this choice probably has backfired on PR like the toy recalls, no?

Chicama Vineyard said...

I'm sure there are plenty of young African American artists who could have created a wonderful study.

Anonymous said...

This was a great post . I agree with you that the foundation should have given it to a afro american artist.... But as you say there is more to it than meets the eye ...

I went to the foundation website , and to sign the petition , which I did . But I was turned off by the human rights statement .. As black people , do we have human rights here ( jena6) do we have tolerance for religion ( move )

As I mentioned b/4 i have a business in china , it is no way i can do what i do there and do it here , people just won't pay . 300 hours on one piece would = with cheap us labor @10 per hour , would = 3000.00 ,this is without markup. In china , i can take 3000 and turn it in to 137 which is still hard to succeed here, because they want cheaper!!! my god it takes 300 hours./

The Usa workforce is dumbing down , and the cost of living is going up , and I hate to tell you there will be more outsourcing! Little monkey dubya doesn't even want little businesses in china , you can tell by the rmb raise . It's not cheap to set up a business in china , as one might think , and the mind games will wear you out .

The chinese are good with a buck , money hungry and power hungry . They also are good at keeping face they know how to assimlate but still keep thier identity .

However i disagree with religious intolerance, I know for a fact they do not mind muslims . Matter of fact they love muslims now , many halal restaurants are popping up in the land of the pig , many orthodox muslims are in going to china , for whatever reason , I see this with my own eyes . Falung gong every hk or china person I have talked to in all classes , cannot stand falung gong , they liken it to jim jones or the moonies .

In regards to the toy recalls , blame mattel . I bet you they send mainly men to station in china and watch the factories . All big corporations have people stationed in the country that makes thier product . But While they are indulging thier senses, they are getting ripped off .

Every one thought I was crazy because when i lived in hk , i spent most of my time in china watching the goods as if they were my own , making my boss richer .(hmm, glad i woke up from the drone life ) .

Here is a good example , on the kimora show i saw her talking about some barbie doll that is supposed to look like her, she start condescendingly talking to the mattel reps about how come her doll can't have a dog, real fur or pearls and the white dolls do > Never once did she ask about the conditions of the workers , the price paid per hour to the workers , what type of dyes are they using , where are the tests done on the doll is it flame retardant are any cancer causing ingredients in the plastic .... Why didn't Kimora ask these questions ? They have these answers !!! Because most of the corporations who do business there sellout the american people.... Deffinitly before Mattel commits to a factory , they have to go through a stringent human rights evaluation , also they have to join Ctpat , they have no choice Mattel is too big ... Then that means our government sends undercover spies to investigate the factories for illegal activities ...

I also want to point out I am a woman and am proud to have succeeded where only old white american and european men dare travel or live ...

But I am interested for you Mr Chambers to explain your concept below if you would not mind .
"Well it is now proven that China has what's known as a robber baron, who-greazes-who economy. Think "Deadwood" on HBO, then think skyscrapers and bloated credit markets and trillions of dollars. "

thank you!!!, I could go on and on but i am stopping here !!!

Kai said...
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Kai said...

I disagree with the idea we should petition or protest over this. I believe this is a trivial matter and we should direct our energy at one of the very real issues facing our community. Here is my take.

Anonymous said...

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