Saturday, January 10, 2009

And Speaking of Black on Black Crime...

Thanks to Aunt Jemima's Revenge for highlighting this issue first. No, I'm not talking about Bob Johnson or her Dizhonor, Mayor Sheila of Ballermer. I'm talking about the mess that goes on in Barack's Chicago every day, or Killadelphia, or West Baltimore where my sister mans an outpost at Bon Secours Hospital, watching our own Gaza set to blood through our own version of Hamas. (Now, I ain't gonna say the cops are the Israelis...that would dishonor the cops and elevate the Israeli Army). But these drug dealers, nihilistic teens of both genders, murders, ignorant absentee parents and ignorant rapper supa stars who make $ for white stockholders of the record labels--yeah they are our Hamas.

The BART murder of an innocent black man by a cop (actually a quasi-rent a cop)was tragic, makes you wanna crush bones. But let's debate this: More black people have been murdered by other black people..and let's not leave out turned out, made addicts, domestically abused, raped, put in freezers by foster parents in the last 30 years than the NYPD, LAPD and the damn Klan combined. And yet no black folks but the wingnut Toms on Fox News make a sound. Why? Hmmm....

Listen to Prof. Coates in The Atlantic and you tell me. Maybe we'll hear from such experts as Michael Eric Dyson, or Lil Wayne, or some community activists who march or excuse looters when a cop kills a brother, yet is quiet as a mouse as thugs and drop outs and loopy teen moms do their thing.


Anonymous said...

okay i'll bite. But what's the solution?

A Khudori Soleh said...

salam from khudori

Knute Rife said...

In my experience, the factor that controls crime statistics more than everything else combined is economic opportunity. Increase it, crime goes down; decrease it, crime goes up. Mayor Rudy's "broken windows" policy was a crock. He happened to rule the city while its economy was improving. Consequently, crime went down. After 9/11, crime was back on the menu.

How do we create economic opportunity? Good question, given that it seems to be declining across the board, regardless of color, unless you already possess enough economic opportunity for several lifetimes. But I do know there's another factor at work when it comes to same-on-same crime. Whites prey on whites for the same reason blacks prey on blacks: they're the only prey available. For all our civil rights legislation, our communities appear to be at least as segregated as they were in the bad old days. If you need money, you want easy victims, and the only color of theirs you care about is the color of their cash.

RiPPa said...

Would there be less Black on Black crime if more Black people spoke out against or about it?

Anonymous said...


Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

"... watching our own Gaza set to blood through our own version of Hamas."

Cowardice? I thought.
Hamas fight for what UN ignore practically.
So parallelism looks stretched.

But you wrote :

"(Now, I ain't gonna say the cops are the Israelis...that would dishonor the cops and elevate the Israeli Army)"

... Confidence restored.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...


Awareness is the Start for any Change.
Denial reelected Bush?

Wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Re: Crime in any of the places you refer to as "Gaza" or "Beirut" (Old School)- 1) The Israeli’s/Police are ALWAYS to receive blame from all sides because they are the only parties in these fights that respond to EITHER side protesting.
Criminal thugs, drug-dealers, and terrorists don't care or respond to complaints and protests from their own people. They very same people whom they terrorize. Just remember the words from Goodfella’s my friend - No one in the neighborhoods complained - AND IF THEY DID COMPLAIN, they (the complainers) were hit so hard they never complained again... 2) Avoid elevating the Israeli Army??? I never want to think of Nat as an Anti-Semite but your dig makes me think twice…

Re Knute – If I hear you correctly I think you’re too quick to place the rise in crime (black or black or other types) on the lack of economic opportunity. Unfortunately crime is not just an economic problem – I would suggest that it’s just as much a failure of morals, ethics, and personal character. If this wasn’t true then you would have to expect many many more poor people becoming criminals (AND THEY DON’T); while at the same time you’d never hear of the problem of upscale white-collar crime coming from all the Maddof’s in this world (AND YOU DO). The percentage of the criminal classes is, regardless of economics, or race fairly consistent across the entire US population – A few bad apples are spoiling every bunch. The question is what to do about the bad apples??? Toss them out or figure out a way to make applesauce?

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

@Anonymous said.

you leave this trail:

" never want to think of Nat as an Anti-Semite but your dig makes me think twice… "

Remember HOW USA and UK and al the West used the same tactics they use now [at UN, to save Israel] to save Apartheid South-Africa?
Why Israel can steal land and China cannot?

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82 Tiger Says:

Re Ochyming: Sorry but I think our comparison is at best a stretch and distortion of events, and at worst is a revisionist & anti-Semitic rewrite of history. The world (UN) agreed in 1948 with the words NEVER AGAIN! The creation of Israeli (and at the time the dual state of Palestine) was a symbol of world agreement with that mantra…

Reread you history! Israeli was created in 1948 by a majority vote by the entire UN. Resolution 181 was the last time the UN sided morally and correctly on a vote regarding the issue of Palestine. Since 1948 Israel has successfully rebuffed 4 major attacks and invasions from one or more surrounding hostile neighbors (1948, 1956, 1967, & 1973). They have since made peace with 2 (Egypt & Jordan) of these neighbors and want the same for their other “Arab-brothers” throughout the Middle East.

In addition Israel has incurred almost continuous attacks at home and abroad from their remaining hostile neighbors who are not willing to recognize their legitimate right to exist as a nation. In 1981 they ended Iraq’s first nuclear ambitions and rebuffed Palestinian attacks from Lebanon (who were thrown out of Jordan after making peace with Israel). In 1987, 2006 and 2008 they again took the fight to fanatical people willing to kill themselves and their children rather than live in peace with Israel. Despite the cries from international media Israel has responded to such attacks with the show of force that ANY nation under attack may take.

Palestine was not destroyed by Israel in 1948! It was first absorb by Jordan as a result of the failed 1948 Arab invasion that occurred almost immediately after the world (UN) declared that Israel IS REAL. Even foreign land gained from the 48 and 56 wars was returned by Israel as an attempt to make/keep peace in the area. Since 1967 & 73 Israel has offered to return up to 90% of occupied land declared by the UN in 1948, as Palestinian – IF REAL PEACE was forthcoming. IN EVERY case (most recently Oslo in 1993 & 95) it was Palestinians (often with encouragement from other radical middle east states) who reject the pledge to keep the peace. Oslo gave almost everything that Arafat PLO had asked for (He never imagined Israel would take the chance and agree to meet such terms).

In 2008 Israel was not keeping “the peace” in Gaza, as it was returned to the Palestinians in 2003. Giving the choice to turn it’s location on the Med into the next Hong Kong or Dubai the PLO instead decided it’s better to keep it as the corrupt gangster thug state and S*** Hole that it is. Israel has not run Gaza since 2003 – They pulled out all their settlements. The oppression of the Palestinians is now occurring more from their own then from Israel.

I think that good intentioned people like you have confused your sympathies. Just because someone gets their butt kicked does not mean they did not deserve it. And if the scale of action is troubling - War is not policing… Real war has collateral damage and no matter how much the Israeli’s try to avoid it… it happens!!! BTW The Israeli Military doesn’t hide behind a shield of innocent civilians thinking they are protected from attack.

And PLEASE before you casually dismiss my missive know that I am not part of “either tribe”. I’m just one of many goyim who is feed up with people who wrongly place the blame for this conflict in the wrong corner. Sadly I think your words permit Nazi and Anti-Semitic propagandists to smile knowing their message is actually believed….

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

@SoCal 82 Tiger

I blame No one, blame is irrelevant here.

Please stop that anti-Semitic whining!

Read this UN page.

Soon as Israel end its occupation along with illegal settlements the problem will be solved.

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Re Ochyming..

Accept my apologies now because I will stop with calling Anti-Semitism what it is, when I see it, when it stops...

As to your reference of reading a UN report on this problem –
I suspect like the UN you are being naive and foolish to believe that this is about illegal settlements... It's about the ultimate destruction of Israel!

And while were at it - Fault/Blame is relevant in such matters as it tells you who's USUALLY holding the moral high ground during such disputes... The fact is that with few exceptions militant Palestinians RARELY DO! AND when they do they still shoot themselves in the foot because ultimately killing Israeli's is more important than their own lives or the lives of their children.

I am truly sorry if this sounds cynical and harsh, but it is what it is…. You can’t negotiate when the person on the other side of the table wants, wishes, prays for, and celebrates your DEATH!!!

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...


You are scary!
The truth is yr ostrich tactic is NOT the solution for this problem.
The most powerful army bullying and unfair manipulations from the WEST will lead to nuclear war.

Anti-Semitism is an European/Christians creation, Jews and muslims lived for centuries in Asia and Africa in peace.

Israel has nothing to win over this.

Anonymous said...

Ok, for the 1st time, and probably this time only, I'm gonna have to agree with Ochyming (I can't believe I wrote that). Isreal is not the bastion of all things good in the Middle East. They are, and have been more than capable of heineous acts that effect the entire world. Its hard to see what good Isreal has done given what is going on in Gaza, but objectively, Isreal's role in the Middle East is crucial.

From what I gather from SoCal 82Tiger, anything and everything that is in defiance of Isreal's policies or actions is considerd anti-Semetic. As an American, I can point to an issue and say "Damn. We are fucking that up." I should be able to say the same about Isreal without the anti-Semite tag being sprayed on me.

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Re Dreaded One and Ochiming -
First thanks for the opp to really discuss and challange ideas in this area... I find it encouraging!

That said - When I hear or read people who can EQUALLY be critical of the actions of all sides in the Middle East, I acknowledge that their negative comments made towards Israel may not be anti-Semitic. The problem is I rarely see people capable of such clarity, fairness and balance when they comment on or discuss events in the Middle East.

No, not everything Israel does is ok or fine with me! When they choose to act they are often "heavy handed". They may try to wield a scalpel but often swing a sludge-hammer.. . BUT treating militant fanatics within Palestine (i.e.: Hamas) who continued to attack Israel even after Israel left Gaza to the Palestinian rule in 2003 as worthy of the same compassion as the many hapless Palestinians under rule by Hamas thuggery is foolish beyond words.

The truly innocent Palestinians who are victimized by the actions of their own thuggish oppressors (Hamas) deserve all the support and sympathy that we can offer. BUT – Just like any gang infested region of our world (to borrow an image for from Mr., Nat), none of our efforts from the outside matter as long as the people within the community do not disavow the gangsters.... You can't get rid of drug dealers in your midst if you (and your neighbors) are in partnership with them... IT'S NO DIFFERENT in dealing with larger criminal organizations like Hamas...

You are also correct to say that Israel has nothing to win or gain with these struggles - not in a traditional expansionist imperialist sense. But for the moment what is Israel remains alive and intact and they can least still dream of a time of peace one day.... REAL PEACE not just an absence of war....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Re Ochyming:

Thought your observation on the rise of Anti-Semitism in the Middle East has strong legs...
I have often thought and even read on a few occassion from those more in the know than I - That Middle East Muslims did not learn to speak with the rabid hateful anti-semitism we hear today until they came into political and economic contact with German Nazis in the 1930's....

But now that the "virus" has infected the community how do you get rid of it???

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