Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hanna-Barbera, Bush-Obama

Sorry for lack of posts--been busy, and of course our neighborhood appears to the tour bus and car dumping point for incursion into the District of Columbia for the Inauguration.
And speaking of that, I decided to meld it with some themes from my childhood. And why not? A black president. A BLACK PRESIDENT. Something I dreamed a lot--even when I watched these shows. You know I love my allegory. This is more about transition to power, rather than Inaugural hoopla, I suppose. Here it goes:

from this--

to this--

Having fun? Full of wistfulness, fellow oldheads? Now here's the irony (perhaps more allegory, to come)--in reality, the networks took off shows like the Herculoids, Jonny Quest, etc. because they were too "violent" and expensive (despite the serious writing, characters, etc.), instead replacing them with crap like The Banana Splits. Hmmm...


Lisa said...

You so crazy!

But it seems to work!

Are you in The Root this week?

Anonymous said...

So we're going from comedy under Bush-Cheney to drama under Obama-Biden? Or the Obama team is more heroic?

Bush's wingnuts, evangelicals, neo cons and other scumbags were hardly comedic to me, nor were they as screwball/benign as The Banana Splits (who looked like they are all on drugs).

Anonymous said...

Valerie Jarrett is Zok the Laser Dragon. Igoo the Rock Ape is ____

Tandro is HRC?

Gloop and Gleep are __________

John said...

This is nothing about the current post. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed and appreciated your "Waking up the Ghosts" piece in which you put Washington, D.C. and its monuments and institutions in historical perspective. Quite a time for reflection.

Anonymous said...

OK I thought this was a stupid comparison but after today I taste your knack for wonderful symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey!!!

Lay off the Banana Splits! Childhood memories are precious (even if they are ridiculous).