Monday, February 02, 2009

Kurt Warner-Geriatric Superstar despite loss

Yeah, a middle age man almost did it. Hooray for all graydicks! I mean, did anyone really mention Polamalu yesterday doing anything heroic? Nope. Joe Flacco, take note on how to do it.


Robert M said...

Yes the Cardinals jobbed.

Anonymous said...

And Kurt Warner doesn't look a day over 30, lol I like the Joe Flacco comment, he should take notes lol.

Lisa said...

"Graydicks?!" OMG. Good post!
Yeah he schooled my boy Troy but hey the Steelers did it! It was almost a repeat of the Eagles game but this time the Cards just folded.

Knute Rife said...

I like the Steelers, but there's no way that last fumble was a fumble, and the officiating crew handled the review about as "summarily" as a Mississippi jury would have tried Nat in 1955. Give Warner three shots at the end zone with that receiving corps, and you have to like their odds.

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