Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Impeach Sanford: Does the national or South Carolina GOP have the balls?

First Sarah Palin becomes a national joke: a wingnut MILF albatross for John McCain. Nuff said. Then comes Bobby Jindal--as the GOP's Obama clone; forget Vishnu--how's about an exorcism? Crash, burn. Out parades Newt, Rush, Beck and the rest of the loonies exhorting tea parties, attacking Judge Sonia Sotomayor on the basis of...well...they've shut up. Next, the recurring self-immolation of Michael "Lexington" Steele. But a bright spot was S.C. Governor Mark Sanford. Aren't Red States, scions of the old Confederacy (to whom the tea partiers pid such cupidity during these mumbled maniacal secession discussions), a bit behind the 8-ball in education, infrastructure, health care? Sure. But Mark stood up to that rascal, that arrogant mulatto President and said NO WAY. No stimulus money here. Sure we'll take defense spending, and a kicker for all our rednecks on Medicaid...but we're too proud to take money from that one in the White House to improve our schools and build our vital infrastructures. Hooray!!! A potential national candidate is born.
But the GOP state legislators in Columbia were not so happy behind closed doors. Seems it IS, the economy, stupid. It IS the budget, eclipsing efforts to make sure public schools teach that Jesus created the dinosaurs 15,000 years ago, or that blacks were just over sensitive about that slavery thing.
Mark disappears. Poof.
His staff lies or is told to lie. His wife, well, we all know that pathology. Yep, he's hiking, or we don't know where he is, or he's clearing his head.
No. He's not hiking. He's having his ashes hauled. In Argentina. He's having an affair, this typical family values Republican. This son of the South. This hero in the face of Obamaism. In Argentina. Hope he got some good meat. Hope he brought his kids back some bolos. Hope he got tango lessons.

Don't cry for me, Greenville-Spartanburg/The truth is, I pretty much f'd you

This is misconduct. Time to own up in Columbia. Time for the national GOP, the rapid pundits, the lying bloggers, to admit yet another comedy. Another crash and burn.


Anonymous said...

This is a reality show in the making. I agree with your Facebook comment. The Republicans should stop elevating douchebags and look to the more boring moderates as potential Obama rivals. Of course that would mean alienating Fox News, Rush and all your crazy blogger friends. LOL

rikyrah said...

You tell your wife 5 MONTHS AGO, and you're still messing around?


If MY husband steps to me with ' I'm having an affair'

the next sentence better be
a) it's over with HER and I want to work things out with YOU


b) I believe OUR marriage is over, because I want to be with HER.

The ' I dunno, and I'll hump her for a few more months while I make up my mind' is NOT an option.

They're too busy making excuses Chambers, to be honest about him.

allheavens said...

Another one succumbs to the Republican Purity Test.

No the GOP does not have the balls to do it. They are all making excuses for him as I type this comment. Making the same tired excuses, spouting conspiracy theories.

They just can't admit that the dumb shit got caught with his "little head" in a vagina in Argentina.

But I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop something is not clean is this milk.

ch555x said...


As soon as we can get these looney tunes out of the way, we MIGHT be able to get to work on these issues. These so-called southerners will follow their plantation owners off a cliff!


Joseph said...


Respect, Mon, Respect:

"Sure we'll take defense spending, and a kicker for all our rednecks on Medicaid...but we're too proud to take money from that one in the White House to improve our schools and build our vital infrastructures."

spell it: "That One!"

Monica said...

This guy is too stupid to live, let alone govern.