Friday, November 10, 2006

More wieners than the Amish butcher's

Fanboys and girls, I have a real treat. I'd been raised in the tradition of REAL black Republicans like Ed Brooke and Bill Coleman. Statesmen. So who are these weevils-- or my favorite term now: "humonculi?" Lexington...oops...Mike Steele, Lynn Swan, Blackwell. God help Condi too. McWhorter and Sowell, to Williams, Shelby Steele, et al...

I invite you to go to the blog Booker Rising (and poor Booker T. Washington has gotten his name and ideas appropriated and twisted for too damn long; sounds like I need to do a book on it). Please go to this blog and heap the appropriate opprobrium on these slags.

Now, they will say I am a traitor to my creed of NO ORTHODOXY. Wrong. I aim my poison at the Barnum and Bailey clowns on the other side--the Michael Eric Dysons and the Maxine Watters and the entire hip-hop (especially the A-T-L and other Southern rappers). But the lavatory that is Booker Rising embodies something more evil, insidious and well...God, I'm about to vomit...

It is the mask of rational analysis, of banal debate, hiding a wickedness, smarmy and self-loathing pot of roiling ugliness. You have to stand back and ask yourself what is the analog of the conditions that breed the anti-social behavior we see glorified in aspects of black culture, breeding the sickness we see in Book Rising? No, it's not the usual bufoonish, inane theories offered by the ghettocrats out there, like too much prep school or being around too many white folks, or membership in Jack and Jill or hating hip hop.

[n.b. Hal Ford, Jr. lost to GOP and the small-headedness of some Tennessee bammas for reasons such as his white girlfriend, his lack of a country accent and yes, the fact that he went to prep school and UPenn (well...the UPenn thing would bother me). Despite his slick and ill-advised attempt to show himself a Blue Dog over guns n' queers, he is a liberal.]

So what turns these folks into big fat sausages? Sometimes it's ego and entitlement. "I didn't get my props at the Image Wards," or "I was ignored by the Dyson-Maxine Watters crowd." Hey, better then to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven! In other words, as a right wing spook, my voice will be heard.

Often it's whoring, as when these scumbag preachers take "faith-based" cash from Uncle Sam, or the promise of access and accolades. In this instance the linebetween trick and ho has become blurred. In politics, these clowns in Maryland who supported Steele because the white Democrats just wouldn't suck their wieners is pretty much the most-cited reason given for jumping ship. As with the trick-ho syllogism, the like between idiot and shrewd power-broker isn't blurred, it's hair-thin. And trust me, a lot of these folks are pretty dim bulbs as far as their own records of public service go.

In short, support for the Steeles, Blackwells and Swanns out there among blacks, despite polls citing dubious numbers, had nothing to do with policy or issues, justa as Booker Rising hides behind so-called analysis and news.

Accordingly fans, all I can do is shake my head and tut and say my, my, my. It seems there are more wieners among our ranks that I thought. My Amish pal at the Dutch Market, Mr. Abner Beiler, would be envious of all that pork and beef. Thing is, his has no filler, not tail and hair, no tasteless cereal.


Anonymous said...

I've seen that site. It says it's for "black moderates" but when you scroll down the left side, the sites and articles it links to are anything but moderate.

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, you are a serious writer, and I like your style.-not necessarily all of your views- You can bring it, and I respect that.

BTW, what's your beef with Shay and Booker Rising? I hope we don't start black blog wars like some of the coastal rivalry in hip hop :)

Anonymous said...

Wow– I have never been more inspired to go check out a blog than I am right now. I seriously thought this was a bait and switch type of endorsement for a minute, you were that convincing.

I've heard some postive things about Booker Rising. So now I'm even more anxious to see what's up. For better or for worse.


mrs. j

ps. field negro, you're funny. I really could see that black blog war jumping off. At least we wouldn't be able to shoot eachother.:) Off to check out your blog too...

Christopher Chambers said...

Actually, I do want to start a beef. When I think of the black Republicans who I met as a child through the Ed Brookes and Lowell Weickers, et al, and to see this crop despondency is bottomless.

At least they will appreciate my "ghettocracy" comment.

Anonymous said...
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