Monday, November 27, 2006

RIP, Bebe Moore Campell

"If this is a fair world, Bebe Moore Campbell will be remembered as the most important African-American novelist of this century...[h]er writing is clean and clear; her emotions run hot, but her most important characteristic is uncompromising intelligence coupled with a perfectionist's eye for detail." —The Washington Post Book World

Chixilub has claimed another giant, another thunder-stepping regal creature gone as the meteor destroyed the dinosaurs. And yet the lower creatures scurry and multiply. (see post below on William Diehl). No, this ain't a fair world. Bebe Moore Campbell (1950-2006).


meera bowman-johnson said...

I am shocked. Never met her, but always felt a connection to her considering a shared hometown and her daughter attending my college.

I really appreciated Campbell giving readers a glimpse of black life that is seldom seen. She was from a group of authors who inspired a generation of them, for what that's worth. I think there's something to be said for that, considering she inspired many women who thought they were merely readers to actually sit down and find their voice. What a loss.

Christopher Chambers said...

This is awful. You hit it right on the head about her chronicle of black life and her voice. I met her once and exchanged a handful of emails three years ago. She was great for a pep talk, but, maybe it was just me, but I sensed an inward sadness? I don't know. On the other hand she seemed exuberant about her career and her influence on readers and other writers.

Anonymous said...

Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, Singing in the Comeback Choir, Brothers and Sisters. These are just some of the titles from a giant in the world of fictional storytelling. She was a graceful voice in a sometimes ungraceful world. She took us away if only for a little while to worlds where we could experience joy and pain. Sometimes allowing us to face our own with ease. The voice of a giant has been silenced forever. But we are all the better for having experienced her voice.

Good post CAC!

Anonymous said...

You are getting soft man! So what if this chik kicked the can! I love your posts about butts and breasts and all things that bite us in the ass!

I can't wait for your next edgy post. Leave this crap for the obits!
I am one of your biggest fans!

Anonymous said...

"Buckshot"--that is low, man! I haven't noticed any breasts.

Snowman said...

I think the Buckshot comment was uncalled for. She was an important author. My granddaughter told me she was very prolific and that this indeed is a big loss.

I think Nat Turner was lamenting that there are few people who can step up and take her place.

Anonymous said...

"72 Hour Hold" was amazing. You forgot to mention that book. I wish I could say Benilde Little or Zadie Smith can take her place right now, but I think they have a few more novels to go and they will be there, or even better.