Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What do these three Tools have in common?

Quickly now...
Give up? Come on! Think!!!

They are scapegoats, Golden Calves, countermeasure flotsam, distractions. Listen fanboys and girls--Brittany Spears without this buffoon K-Fed is the same person she was with him: a manufactured marketing humonculus, who at her core really is no more than a redneck slut. Whitney? As Katt Williams (hire Mickey Sherman, Esq. Katt!) said, Whitney done smoked her kneecaps off long before that nigga Bobby came along! She was--and remains--a crackhead and vicious, vindictive dyke.

And yet somehow, because the media machine smells cash, they will be given a pass, which is, ironically, why these women hooked up with these two bums in the first place--character flaws and expediency. Wow...and we buy right into it.

Punt Rumsfeld, our fellow Princeton Tiger? More irony, as perhaps Karl Rove's taking a page from the Soddom & Gommorah Hollywood-Music Industry he tried to set up as a foil for so long? But it won't work here. No one's giving Bush a pass. Like Brittany and Whitney, the cupidity for a tool like Rummy is an indicia of the disease, not a symptom that can be alleviated by surgery. The Bush White House is a dysfunctional cult, and will be for the next two years with or without Rummy.

Colin Powell, my brotha--do you feel vindicated now?

The denouement here? Unlike Bobby, who can be shut up by Clive Davis' money/muscle, or Federline, who will whore to anyone, Rummy's going to demand a lot of cushion and pay-off to keep his mouth shut and not take Condi, Wolfowitz and the other jerks down with him. In addition to making that call about raising oil prices, Uncle Dick Cheney's going to have bring in a lot of chits to keep Rummy in diamonds and pearls for the rest of his life...

Oh well, I can always get him wasted at Princeton Reunions and ask him what really happened.


Anonymous said...

You're sick. Unfortunately for us all, you're also right.

Anonymous said...

Har, Har, Har. Some of my best friends are rednecks, so please call Britney by what she really is: a white trash slut. I'm sure you can still turn her head by dragging a 20 dollar bill through a trailer park.

Later, you can get Whitney all worked up for you with a small bag of crack.

Rummy's not likely to come back to reunions any time soon. So, you should take immediate action to make him an honorary member of our class. Then we can get him on campus for the big two-five, get him drunk, and have him sing "My Way" on Saturday night.

I think you are right, Rummy is a scapegoat. If Rove was a "magnificent bastard" he should have orchestrated a "Labor Day Massacre" with Rummy and others going down. He could have faked his own purging by hiding out in Cheney's undisclosed location for two months. It could have saved the Senate!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Indispensable Destiny! The term is "white trash." Us with the red neck are very sensitive about that! Gittit right, son! We in North Cacka Lacky are offended!

I'm not that upset that Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the house. What scares is me Barney Frank, Charles Rangel nd co. and then on the senate side--Ted Kennedy. Committee chairs are going to flip Washington apart.

Second point--Chris our old buddy John McCain comes out of this smelling like a rose. He is the GOP frontrunner for 08. He couldn't have played it better these past few years since 04.

Third point--Chris let's see more book related posts now. Iwant more dirt on the anti-Christ, Charles Frazier. More on Faggy Downer, Jr. playing Tony Stark. What did Dark Horse do with your Green Hornet project?

Anonymous said...

Scapegoats I agree. Maybe all three have a sex tape. LOL

Anonymous said...

Cut whitney some slack, everyone should take personal responsibility but bobby brown nevert helped the situation, thats for damn sure. A spouse is supposed to pick you up not bring you down. and now that she is away from him she looks 10 time better. YOU do the math.