Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Story in Thug Lit Magazine

OK...just kidding--this isn't an illo for the story (would be nice for me and Gary's The Darker Mask, however!). One of the best hardcore noir anthology publications out there is Todd Robertson's Thug Lit (no, not Teri Woods, Relentless Aaron, blah blah blah). These are real crime stories written by real crime/mystery/detective authors of all races and backgrounds. Well-crafted ugliness. Yes, Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim fit that genre, and of course we have Chester Himes. It never ceases to amaze me when these ghetto soap opera writers sit on author panels and have the temerity to claim Himes, Goines and Slim as their progenitors! They might as well claim The French Connection, Reed Farrel Coleman, George Pelecanos, Walter Mosley, Ernest Tidyman (author of Shaft), or David Simon, creator of The Wire.

Sorry for the digression, fanboys & girls. Upon exiting Casino Royale [see post below] with my wife we saw a fellow writer and his baby-mama leaving the local Chik-fil-a. He spotted us and wanted a sit-down at the Border's cafe. He was giddy as some Charlotte from Sex in the City type bestowed a five-book "thug fiction" deal on him. He asked me who Edward P. Jones was, as his mother had recommended All Aunt Hagar's Children. He thought Jones was published by Triple Crown. I relished the chance to evangelize, and did so. I may have a convert. Boy will "Charlotte" and Mr. Charlie be angry with me!

The story's in the upcoming Volume 10 and titled, "The Aesop of the Bronx," under my Dominican/Puerto Rican/Cubano/Chicano/Colombian/Salvatrucha pen name "Cristobal Camaras." I know, not terribly imaginative, but I don't speak terribly imaginative Spanish. It did fool some folks until somebody said "Isn't camaras Spanish for 'chambers?'" Check the links to the right next week...


Snowman said...

Would this also be "hardboiled" detective fiction or just stories from the point of view of the criminal? I enjoyed Chester Himes' anti-heroes.

I agree with your assessment of African American "ghetto fiction." It is unfortunate that this materials shares (or edges out?) shelf space with serious literature in book stores unless you visit an independent store.

I will check the link. By the way, camaras means "room," not "chamber." Nice try! LOL

Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Chaz you are bound and determined to start some stuff with the street lit folks! We got your back heh heh heh (quietly).

"The Aesop of the Bronx?" Something tells me you yourself are going to dealing in stereotypes, bruh, but I foregive you because you usually deliver the good stuff.

Speaking of The Wire (the white mayor character) is now governor of Maryland. Lawd, send him out here to battle the Guvernator, please!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cool! The magazine looks a little too hardedged for me but I will pass it on to the clubmembers.

Anonymous said...

I had "heard" that the "thug genre" books get multi-book deals because they are only paying advances of $2k a piece. They sell in the stores for under $20. That's cheap entertainment and a quick read, so there is the allure. I see your point however.

There are a lot of hoodlum stories in Thug Lit, however, so it's not just hardboiled crime or detective stories, CAC.