Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wayne Curry & other PG Co. folks for Steele?

Newsflash--Prince George's County, Maryland. Prominent black Democrats like former Prince Georges County Executive
Well, Curry and these gentlemen feel that somehow white Democrats have "redlined and ignored" this now 66% black bedroom county of D.C. Now, it used to be 66% white, and full of rednecks; the dudes (and chick) who conspired to kill Abe Lincoln were proud citizens of PG County (John Wilkes Booth's family hailed from Virginia and Harford County, Maryland).
Currently the lion's share of the poor and blue collar black folks being gentrified out of D.C. by developers are ending up in Bantustans all over the county. And their middle class counterparts seeking the suburban idyll are pushing as far south as Charles County, Maryland--the vestigal reminder of the state's general redneck past. Indeed, a development of toney 4k square foot homes was burned to the ground by a group of angry young white men not too long ago. The fellows hailed from a nieghborhood festooned with the Confederate Stars and Bars (usually on F-150 truck bumpers) and, interestingly, STEELE signs and stickers (along with Bob Ehrlich placards, of course) abound. I guess ol' Wayne put that out of his narrow mind.

I'm glad to see Curry & Crew join the ranks of the HBCU presidents like the clown who runs Hampton (on the promise that racist retard GOP Senator George Allen will pile cash on the school), and the mega-preachers taking that faith-based social program payola ("Church, the issue ta-day ain't adequate health care, afforable housin', this bait-an'-switch joke of a Medicare drug pro-grum, our young men gettin' kilt in Iraq. Nah church, lemme da choir say 'Gay Marriage!' A-men..." ). Why am I glad?

Well, fanboys and girls, this presents an interesting personal irony for your favorite author, that's why. It seems to confirm the very reason I registered as a Republican several years ago: these stalwart guardians of our struggle like Wayne Curry, or ghettocrats like Prof. Dyson (but I love me some Cornell West), or our so-called "moguls" like Diddy and Jay-Z or Russell Simmons simply sicken me with their duplicity. (Don't get me started on the rappers and athletes...)
Now, I ask you--what on earth does Wayne Curry and these other sycophants possibly think Steele is going to "give" them in return, as this indeed what it's all about, right? Free tickets to the Black Caucus fashion show? No-Child-Left-Behind vouchers for their grand-babies? Wha...wha...tell me? We are not the only ethnic group to "sell out" or elevate self-aggrandizement uber alles. Rather, we are the only ones who whore ourselves out so cheap, and for nothing tangible.
I think I need to ask my pal Glenn Ivey, Princeton Class of 83 and States Attorney for PG Co. and the county's last best hope for common sense s'up wid these folks. What they been smoking? Curry and fellow minstrels must have an awful axe to grind with white Democrats or their counterparts up in Baltimore (that little civil war has been waging for decades) to cut a deal with Satan's lapdog. Or maybe its plain ol' ego and self-delusion. Al Wynn, an incumbent Congressman from PG Co. (district now gerrymandered to include a tendril reaching into my safe Montgomery Co. community) almost got unseated in the Democratic primary by a no-name, Donna Edwards, based on his adherence to the some of the most pernicious aspects of Bush-ism (including the Bankruptcy Act amendments) while channeling Adam Clayton Powell in his campaign speeches. Someone explain our cupidity for self-delusion to me...PLEASE!
The right wing blowhard blogger and radio scum are now saying "why's Obama so special" (as if Mike Steele is the second coming of Benjamin D'israeli or Henry Clay). Hal Ford, Jr.'s taking redneck missles in Tennessee. Now, in the meantime Mr. Blackwell and Lynn Swann et al seem to dodge White House Minister of Truth Tony Snow's bizarre comments about the "race card." That's weird, given that people like Swann and Blackwell and even Steele are sounding like Democrats as of late, and have been down wif da angry brothas as they troll for votes in the hood.

Robin Harris, are you rolling in your grave that you can't skewer these n***gahs like Curry and Steele and God knows who else in an HBO special? Lawd, you died too young. Who else but you could set the world right, now that Chris Rock has been co-opted and is a celebrity tool, and Dave Chappelle is just plain crazy and Aaron MacGruder has revealed himself a douchebag. We need you Robin. We need Be-Be Kids to take a giant turd on these fools.

I'm done. I'm too pissed off now to say anything else...


Anonymous said...

I do not quite know how to take this. Prince Georges as "Soweto?" You have a point but then you loose it in hyperbole. Then again that is what blogs are for, and I tend to agree with much of what you are saying. Steele can promise these leaders nothing, or rather he can lead them to believe they will be rewarded and then the die is cast. As the King of Siam said in "The King and I" It's a puzzlement!

Christopher Chambers said...

Is that you, Gwen? (smile). Interesting interchange as an illustration: when Wayne Curry was asked yesterday why was supporting Steele over Ben Cardin, he remarked "Mr. Steele will not take us for granted." Hmmm. The reporter then asked him to elaborate [indeed, leading him to the plausible explanatio that Ben Cardin, regardless of his race, is too "Baltimore-centric," which Ike Leggett, in line to be the first Co.-Exec of Montogemery Co., one of the richest in the nation, had recently stated of Cardin; he's supporting Cardon, FYI, as are most of the big Balto. black Democrats]. Well, Curry stort of stuttered and repeated his initial reply. Previously on Sunday Steele recapitulated his opposition to embryonic stem cell research. When Tim Russert, in a rare flash of Bryant Gumbel-ism, reminded Mango Mike tht fertility clinics routinely destroy unused embryos, Mike sort of stuttered, a la Curry, and mumbld his initial reply, forgetting to add the GOP line that conservatives are all about fertility. Russert pressed on--would he sponsor a law to shut down clinics that destroyed embryos? Um...huh...let me get back to you...

Gwen, let me channel Mao in 1967 as a reflect on the woeful state of our black politicians, intellectuals/educators, preachers, our business leaders and of course don't get me started on rappers, athletes and such. Mao woke up one morning and saw the leadership of the Chi-Com party as fat, stupid and complacent. So he ordered a third of them executed. Another third sacked and transferred to menial jobs, and the other third "re-educated" (tortured) into sharpening their focus. I would require no less for these fools today, regardless of their political party. Sorry I ended on hyperbole...or was that illustration-allegory? Be well, babe.

Anonymous said...

First of all, you used the wrong image. I think the one you want is at:

Don't just stand at the plantation gate howling that your doggies have run off. Do something to keep them home. In any case, Massah Cardin will ride out after the election with treats to bring them home.

I don't see Curry and the PeeGee council expressing any love for Steele. They're just poking Cardin in his Baltimore eye.

Anonymous said...

Ah, heck, Blogger ate my link. Let's see if this works:

Is this image you wanted?

Christopher Chambers said...

"I don't see Curry and the PeeGee council expressing any love for Steele. They're just poking Cardin in his Baltimore eye."

I understand, but frankly there has got to be a little more going on. Then again these folks hill whore over very little, as I said. In Balto, I think attorney Billy Murphy, who I know, has overplayed his beef with O'Malley & Co. such that everyone can see his support for the Governor and Steele for what it is.

Hey, I have left one plantation for another--the world of publishing. if Cardin's elected, he won't be the massa; he'll be the Jewish shopkeeper who sells the dry goods to the servants on a free pass. Bad, but still better than being a slaveowner...or the "driver" who acts the intermediary.

Anonymous said...

Robin Harris would have roasted these negroes on a spit, dude. We have a preacher here in Oakland; an AME minister with white collar and all, no Everett Hall (yeah I recall D.C. LOL) suits, who urges his folks to vote for the GOP and has gotten into some terrible fights with people in his own congregation over this bullsh*t. I'll forward you a link.

P.S. Please update us on The Darker Mask, and your story coming out in Brandon Massey's next collection. Also my girl saw some dailies from Ghost Rider and it's great for 10 year olds, but I think grown folks, even comic fans, will find it so-so. Nick Cage over-acts per usual.

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