Monday, June 01, 2009

Air France Crash versus "Bruno's" taint & Susan Boyle

Two hundred people died in the ocean this morning. But we weren't even talking about GM's bondholders swapping out for stock. Nope. We were mumbling about Susan Boyle's new career and her supposed physical/emotional swoon after loosing "Britain's Got Talent." If you don't know who Susan Boyle is, congratulations. Or Kobe. Or Kimora Lee (nee Simmons) having a baby. And then there was the two hour long commerical/tweener hypefest called the MTV Movie Awards. "Twilight" and Zach Ephron dominating the show? Andy Samburg hosting? Remember when adults who didnt have to fabricate irony/cool attended the program, had their films nominated...and adults made up the viewing audience? When they had creative parodies such as anything Ben Stiller did to open the show, or the send up of "Pulp Fiction" with the cast of the old "Welcome Back, Kotter?"

No. Just as Kanye, Beyonce, too many rappers and a lot of wanabee stone cold killers in Philly and Chicago didn't get the memo about Barack ( and that brains and common sense were now "in"), the general commercial culture didn't get the message that we're in an economic cesspool. This type of mindless, manufacured hype and 'tude was the corollary to the non-regulation from W. and the Wild West business practices that swamped our national boat. Time to put away the childish, prurient crap and exhault the creative gray matter of our youth, not exploit it. Think of this political analogy: the GOP didn't get the memo that becoming a cadre of fanatics and trivial fools doesn't play well outside of the small tent of well, fanatics and trivial fools.

You tell me which is more compelling. This:

Or this:

For too many of us--and indeed a whole generation of youngsters who are being trained to be rabid and vapid buyers and not diggers, the answer is, well, "Bruno's
taint. Perhaps my wingnut pals have a point about lauding fanatics and trivial fools as the key to Republican resurgence. They seem to know something the rest of us refuse to admit. I'm sorry if I'm all over the place but this pisses me off. Dozens of families wait in anguish for word of their loved ones on that plane. Thousands of families in angst because a bunch of hotshots couldn't adapt to the changign auto landscape, now whole towns will die. And we're talking about Sasha Baron Cohen, and an old Limey hag's stage career. It sells. Lovely.


craig said...

Sarhkozy sez most of the passengers were Brazilian. You know who that d-hole can be--he's probably not having France help in the search.

ch555x said...


They said even Susan Boyle was gettin' pissed at the attention.

Anonymous said...

You are a bit more sour and cynical than usual today.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the old GM (General Motors) becoming the new GM (Government Motors)?

A Government run auto company... Oh how I can't wait to see how this turns out - Trust me no spin in the world will save Washington hacks if they F-up the new GM bewond the scale of the old GM..

Anonymous said...

Damn, I don't believe I am agreeing with you for once. For kicks I sometimes look at CNN's most popular searches. Rhianna and Chris Brown always have top honors. For awhile Bigfoot was at #5 and Obama at #6. Bigfoot fell off the chart but Obama still holds #6. What can save our Country from becoming a third world rat hole of imbeciles?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

France and the US are helping with the search for the plane.

Here in on CNN International the number one news story is the Air France crash, followed by the Taliban kidnapping a bunch of students, then GM.

I don't get why there is so much press about Susan Boyle. It's a sweet story but come on!

I haven't watch the MTV Movie Awards in years.

Joseph said...

"55 channels and there's nothing going on..." --Paraphrasing a old song by Todd Rundgren.

This IS the state of our media. For too long it has blurred, if not totally erased, the line between the sensible and the sensational.

We're being dumbed down
And the masses are loving it.

The news industry, as we know it, deserves to fail simply because it has placed a high priority on disseminating crap.

craig said...

craig here:

GM was screwed up by its executives--with the union going along for the ride--not the government. The government had to step in before Obama became POTUS. They couldn't even get debtor in poss. financing. Too broke to even go broke. I am sure the suits, with their parachutes, would have sold off car tech to the Chinese to pad their bonuses.

So Anon 8:31am, get your seething (I bet you are a right wing troll) straight and re focused.

JD said...

MTV use to be cool,now it just an sad network

Anonymous said...

Re - Craig "GM Executives Screwed Up GM with unions along for the ride". Great to miss my point - Any one who thinks that government is going to "fix" GM is either delusional or a Foole (as in occupation).

So which group one are you in with?

As to what kind of "Troll" I am - You’re as wrong as your earlier posted claim that Sarhkozy's France would not aide in the search for its downed airliner.

Your posts read like a typical bitter punk know it all who likes to run his/her mouth about everything and everybody rather than look further into a story.

Please keep that mouth of yours running and just maybe you'll surprise Nat or me by posting something that's intelligent enough to merit serious commentary.

Oh and to paraphrase one of my more favorite movie comedies lines for you: Craig I won't say that you sound stupid, because that would be an insult to stupid people!

But, all kidding aside Craig you saddly do read like TDMFIOTMFP.... So have a great day :)

Christopher Chambers said...

Anonymous 920pm-- Whatever beef you have w/Craig take it offline or don't come back to my blog. If Craig wants to give you a forum by email or whatever you can do that.

You took this to a sad (and typical) level. Of course I dont know who you are, and I'm sure you won't reveal your i.d. but please, keep off my little slice of bandwidth...


Anonymous said...

CC - Truthfully sorry if you believe that I was too harsh in my criticisms reader Craig. As you have said or received far worse treatment from your fan-boys & girls I am surprised by your concern.

I would like to think that all us boys and girls playing in Nat's sandbox are big enough to deal with the consequences of speaking our minds and posting to your Blog – Guess I was wrong...

Just the same, keep us on our toes with your provocations!

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