Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dennis Hastert, meet Omar Little, yo...

So Dennis Hastert says no way, I'm not gonna quit! We gotta ethics investigation now and that will clear the air. See his buddy Dubya cooing with delight in support of Dennis' moxie?

Well I say step, Fat Man! I have another candidate for Speaker who'll bring order, decorum to the House. Stop this partisan gridlock. Omar Little. Stick up man. Stone Killa. Nemesis of every drug dealer in B'mo'City. And he's black (meaning the GOP won't to bribe Uncle Tom black college presidents or greedy faith-based cash-grubbing mega-preachers any more to curry favor). He's also gay, but the GOP must be the inclusive, compassionate, tolerant party now that Mark Foley has come out. Bonus: Omar only likes men, not youngsters. Muscular Latino men with neat cornrows, to be exact. Maybe one of those Cuban Diaz-Balart fellas will catch his fancy?

Yo Omar, put the twelve-gauge dukey stick on my boy Dennis' head and say, "Git the f**k out, sorry m-f! The Party don't need no more October Surprises, son! An' when I'm finished with yo' ass--literally and figuratively, m-f--I'm gonna smoke that dude Bob Woodward ."

Omar comin'! Omar comin'! Run!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I like your politics my brotha! However, I think we need to find a candidate a little less intense than Omar. Maybe Prop Joe? Or how about Stringer Bell (or Bellie??). May he RIP, but he would bring a quiet, brooding confidence that our government needs with the added bonus of some strong-arm muscle when needed.

I am one of your biggest fans.

Christopher Chambers said...

Reveal yourself, Pebbles!
But seriously, the GOP leadership's Oz-like curtain has been yanked back by Toto, and now they have the temerity to cry "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" Sadly, some of these red state folk will do so. Indeed, I wonder if this bizarre gnome who runs North Korea set off this baby-nuke at the President's urging? Sounds crazy? OK, but George Orwell came up with the concept 80 years ago in 1984 and Animal Farm.

So I say down with Hastert, Frist (yes he of Princeton pedigree...and his building looks so nice on Fox's doc show "House") and of course, god riddance Bush. The GOP must embrace it's future. Omar Little. Sho'nuff I look like a niggawho has to repeat himself?!