Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Patriotic Pedophile

Rep. Mark Foley's in great company with other right-wing pedophiles: Julius Caesar and Phillip of Macedon (Alexander the Great's daddy). The trouble is, neither dictator kept their perversions on the down-low. Foley went on on America's Most Wanted to pander to John Walsh and all the NASCAR Dads and Desperate Housewives about how tough the laws he advocated would be on sickos...like Foley. Foley's been an integral part of the Republican Right's war on what consenting, responsible adults do in their bedrooms, on gay marriage (and thus, de-humanizing a portion of the population that in many communities comprise the most educated, productive citizens...folks who just want to be committed to one another for life!).

Hypocrisy, lies, propoganda are the public policy issues here that almost reach the magnitude of the awful sickness of Foley's. And now his lawyer Roth says the man's gay. A nod to the Rove playbook, where Foley tries so hard to salvage the GOP's image? Forget the booze defense. Hey, as the conservatives and the Roman Catholic hierarchy say, gay=molester. So maybe now Foley says "Take it from me, 'cause I'm gay and a molester!" Or better yet, I WAS molested. Hmmm...wasn't he one of those tools who always said that criminals should be punished and not treated? So who cares about your namby-pamby awful past? Lock'em up! Didn't he violate the same kinds of laws he's been pushing in Congress, dealing with the Net and contact w/kids?

Look, Hastert and the whole GOP bunch knew. Hell yes Fox News knew and the papers in South Florida did, too. But the rules are different for "our folk," the douchebags in power. Thanks conservatives--the very Hollywood you rail against has now been proven right, first with the NSA and all that lovely destruction of innocent folks' privacy and civil liberties in Will Smith's Enemy of the State..and now with The Handmaid's Tale and "V" for Vendetta.

I'm sure the ravenous tools of the right are caucusing now to figure out who to attack, the script for each pinheaded talkshow host, from Rush to O'Reilly to this new clown Glen Beck, the FoxNews spin. Lawd--didn't they just have Bob Woodward to squash and punish?

I yearn for John McCain to stop his flirtation with these facist loons and lead the GOP back to the days of Everett Dirksen, Ed Brooke & Bill Coleman, Nelson Rockefeller & Lowell Weicker, even Howard Baker. Hell, I'd even settle for Daddy Bush & Bob Dole now...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chambers we met at Princeton this weekend and I did read the Handmaid's Tale and see the movie some years ago. You are on the mark. These individuals want to control us, and use us and straw-men and whipping boys, or question our Patriotism, yet they cannot control themselves.


Anonymous said...

You are probably going to get another violent post from that dude "irresponsible destiny." I agree with you about the family values and morality, crime hypocrites. However I don't think there's going to be anything done about it. On the real--do you think Foley's the only freak in Congress?

Christopher Chambers said...

To Miss Coles:

Will you give your license (lawyer talk) to that straw man and whipping boy stuff? I have to use that.


Anonymous said...

Certainly there are more freaks in Congress. The proportion of freaks there is probably about the same as among the general population. The big difference is that these freaks have power.

The republicans that knew about Foley but kept quiet so not to spoil the election are freaks.

The democrats that knew about Foley but kept quiet so the story could be spilled just before the election are freaks.

Freaks everywhere, in all shapes, forms, and colors.