Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Iron Man: Robert Downey, Jr?

Another Marvel movie? Iron Man, May '08! I loved the old cartoons, made in Canada, circa 1967. Look, I even liked the Fantastic Four flick (Jessica Alba as Sue Storm did help...). But Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark--w.t.f.? I guess everything is hedged with the cash from Spider Man 3, 4, 5? I think the X-men are pretty much done so who's next?

Well, barring Ben Affleck mucking up Daredevil again, I have heard a rumor that The Sub-Mariner is in the works. Who to play Namor, he of the Mr. Spock ears and winged feet? Have mercy, someone said Matthew McConaughey was signed on. Double w.t.f! Doesn't Namor have a brooding, Euro-fag sort of vibe? Perhaps a depressed, violent Antonio Banderas? Then again, the salt water would give Matt a needed cleansing. Namor has more of an Asian look to him. How about Ken Watanabe, the dude from Memoirs of a Geisha and The Last Samurai. But if you gotta go white--and white fills the box office--I'd say Clive Owen, sans body hair and moles.

I bet they'll be a "green" theme to the Sub-Mariner. I can hear it now on rightie talk radio and these crazy-ass blogs: Stan Lee capitulates to Al Gore!!! Hey leave Stan alone. After all, he was the one who pushed for Jessica Alba in the FF. Shut up...

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Anonymous said...

This has got to be bull. Robert Downey, Jr.? I'm going to check imdb.com What about Clooney? Denzel?

Chris I know you are lying about the Sub Mariner! No film planned, I'll wager. Although I do agree that Ken Watanabe would be tight.

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