Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mike & Lex: the Steeles Take Washington!

Lexington Steele and Michael Steele with their favorite fluffers in the District of Columbia recently. Don't be fooled. Vote for Cardin, folks. And, hold your nose, press that stilted Diebold voting machine screen for O'Malley over Bahama Bob. I just want to see Kwame Brown as Lt. Gov. If you're in Virginia--yes, George Allen is the second most glaring example of the old Medioc-cracy. The first is in the photo w/Mike. Jim Webb's a self-made toughguy. A sort of McCain for the Dems. (That is, McCain before he lost his damn mind).


Anonymous said...

LEXINGTON STEELE! Chris you are a sick genius!!! Lex is going to be the first black porn millionaire.

As for Michael Steele I am curious why as a Republican yourself, Chris you aren't out front for the brother? However, Tracey told me he does get a lot of boosts on the down low from the Karl Rove crew. Are you saying he's a trojan horse? Remember what happened with Clarence Thomas. My father was convinced that once did his dance and got on the supreme court, he'd "do right."

Who is O'Malley and Jim Webb? Is George Allen related to old coach of the Skins? I'm in Cali and a Raiders fan, Chris. This Maryland stuff needs to be clarified for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Byron, when did you start mixing your bourbon with kool-aid?

Yeah, go ahead and vote for Cardin. Perhaps he'll get on the Senate Banking Committee and do for the nation what he did for Maryland's savings and loans (and for cousin Jerome Cardin). Then he can help all his buddies and releatives get their money out before the sh*t hits the fan.

You had better hold your nose if you vote for MOM. He'll just get bored after two years and want to do something bigger. Remember 2002? He was bored of being Mayor of Murdermore and wanted to be Guv. Uncle Teddy had to tell him to stay put and not interfere with Katie's destiny. But MOM didn't know that the Kennedy's hadn't stopped lobotomizing their women-folk. No democratic machine could get that empty skirt elected.

Having MOM on State Circle would be great. Once he's bored enough, he can put on his wife-beater shirt and go down to ego alley to eyeball the thongs and bikinis roasting on expensive fiberglass. The USNA may want to bring back their Marine Corps guards. Hey, we may even find out who tried to whack Sade Baderinwa.

Anonymous said...

Damn Chris--is "Bryon" an a.k.a.? Like Tom Byron, who directs lots of Lex Steele's videos!

MOM=O'Malley? I did some research and now I know who the players are. Chris you have opened up a lot of passion from indispensibledestiny. I may not know everything about what's going on in your little, tiny state as opposed to planet Cali, but I have heard rants like indispensibledestiny's before. I think it's second nature to attack, destroy as opposed to simply vouching for the sainthood of this dude "Bahama Bob." can't be as crazy as our favorite topic, Herr Governator!!!

Chill those assholes out, Chris, and then fly out here and I'll show you some real drama!